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. Efficient Synchronization of State-based CRDTs. ICDE, 2019.

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An introduction to causal consistency and causal stability.

This is a transcript of the ICDE’19 talk, briefly explaining the main idea behind the paper.

Conflict-freeness is not always natural, and sometimes CRDTs need to force it.

Unions and intersections can be generalized. This post describes my quest on finding the name of that generalization.



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Current designs for CRDT counters do not scale, having a size linear with the number of both active and retired nodes (i.e., nodes that leave the system permanently after previously manipulating the value of the counter).

In this talk I’ll present a new counter design called Borrow-Counter, that provides a mechanism for the retirement of transient nodes, keeping the size of the counter linear with the number of active nodes.

(This talk may or may not also be a good introduction on CRDTs.)